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What is this site?
Have you ever wished you could go sky diving? How about travel to space? We are a site that is dedicated to getting wishes you make turned into reality. From things you wish you could get or do for yourself, or wishes that are selfless and devoted to someone else. We want to help get the word out! But the first step to getting your wish to become reality would be to let us know.

Once you create an account you will be able to make a wish. All you need to do is write a short story about your wish, wait for your wish to be approved, and then share your wish link with friends and family to have them fold a crane. Each crane you get will get you that much closer to us granting your wish!

Our site is 100% free. Why not take the time and make a wish? Someone just might give you a helping hand!
Wish Categories
A category listing of all available places you can assign your wishes to that also doubles as a way to find wishes you wish to help people get. This is not an all-inclusive category list, so feel free to contact us to add another category for you!
Animals & Livestock
Get yourself a pet dog or cat. Maybe you want a cow to get the freshest milk of the day. It's really up to you. Make those requests in this category.
Body & Hair
Mostly stuff that keeps you clean and smelling nice, body & hair would help cover things like perfume, soap, cologne or even a gift card to the local barber shop.
Books and Print
If it is a book, some sort of reading material that wouldn't better fit in another category, you will find it here.
Clothing, be it for working in an office, or working with your hands, it all should be put here.
Edible Items
Consumable items, such as candy, frozen/freeze dried food or any edible item.
Anything and everything to do with electronics. From computers to calculators, if it uses electricity exclusively, this is where it would go.
Things that are considered entertainment, such as DVD's of movies, shows, documentaries. The list can go on, but you get the general idea.
Health & Fitness
Push up, pull up, crunches, a salad whatever you need to help you get healthier.
Home & Decor
Anything related to the home. Furniture, office related or even decorating a house would make this category the best place to put your wish.
Musical Instruments
Let your inner musician go free and wild. Wishes for musical instruments, like a kazoo all the way to pianos should go here.
Slightly harder to put a price on, if any at all, wishes that can't be held, have value, but only to oneself.
School Related
People who have school related wishes, such as paying off their tuition, fees, or whatever else that may come to mind would be best placed in here.
Toys & Collectables
Action figures, board games, cards. Anything that can be played with, or seen as a collectable should be placed in here.
Cars, car parts, trains, airlines. Anything that has an engine, or is part of some sort of transportation.
Video Games
Physical copies of video games would best be added in this category. Nothing like an old cartridge of Mario 3 or Pokemon to liven the mood at a party.
Virtual Goods
Virtual goods, such as online only games available on steam, game points, virtual currency for games, etc. If it exists, but only digitally, this is the "00000001".