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Have you ever wished you could go sky diving? How about travel to space? We are a site that is dedicated to getting wishes you make turned into reality. From things you wish you could get or do for yourself, or wishes that are selfless and devoted to someone else. We want to help get the word out! But the first step to getting your wish to become reality would be to let us know.

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Most Recent Wishes

img 500 ZC
2 years ago by BatmanDK8

Hypermode is about 500 zc on PFQ and i don't have a way of getting it

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2 cranes

img I wish to own Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
3 years ago by cupcakexkitt

I have finally managed to get a 3ds of my own after years of asking for one, I have no job as of yet because of exams and I rarely get any pocket money to save up for another game since I tend to spend it on other types of games that I really wanted befor...

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21 cranes

img Guitar
3 years ago by Meme Me

Since the first time I've listened to guitar songs →_← , I've really liked them. The noises feel pretty calm in slow songs, I really enjoy it and want to learn to play the guitar. Sadly, I need the money, but don't have it.

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9 cranes

img 19 Copic Markers
3 years ago by Meme Me

This, is an artists dream marker set. Since my parents are pretty poor, I really want this (I feel like I sound greedy)

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11 cranes

img Avacyn Restored MTG booster pack
3 years ago by milesprower

One of my dream cards is Tamiyo the Moon Sage, but I no longer live near anywhere that sells these packs. :(

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36 cranes

Recently Supported Wishes

img Naturia Barkion DT05-JP038
Added 5 years ago by k4kirin
14 cranes
img Bulbasaur Plush
Added 5 years ago by Chikage
147 cranes
img Because we all could be like this!
Added 5 years ago by Chikage
198 cranes
img Kaioshin fusion potara earrings
Added 6 years ago by thekinetic
2416 cranes
img Visiting my Friend
Added 5 years ago by Dorumon
1104 cranes
img Elgato HD 60FPS Capture Card
Added 3 years ago by MasterOfFlame
1229 cranes