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What is this site?
Have you ever wished you could go sky diving? How about travel to space? We are a site that is dedicated to getting wishes you make turned into reality. From things you wish you could get or do for yourself, or wishes that are selfless and devoted to someone else. We want to help get the word out! But the first step to getting your wish to become reality would be to let us know.

Once you create an account you will be able to make a wish. All you need to do is write a short story about your wish, wait for your wish to be approved, and then share your wish link with friends and family to have them fold a crane. Each crane you get will get you that much closer to us granting your wish!

Our site is 100% free. Why not take the time and make a wish? Someone just might give you a helping hand!
Most Recent Wishes

img Xbox 360
7 years ago by Low3

I've always dreamed to have a gaming console, but my small salary would not let me. I hope you can help with my childhood dream.

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12 cranes

img Fatty Tuna
7 years ago by acidtreat101

I've always wanted to try Fatty Tuna from a really good sushi place, but I don't really know how to go about ordering it, so it would be great to be able to try some from a place that's known for having top quality fatty tuna!

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16 cranes

img Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Edition
7 years ago by Ranger5789

4th in my List Of Wishes. First 3 are ear for music, brains and smart-ass.

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6 cranes

img A Laptop
7 years ago by Legaia

I've had a rough time with my parent's divorce. I'd love a new computer because we live from pay check to pay check and can't afford much else. This would help me a lot, especially if I'd like to pursue college. The computer we have currently is old and ...

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24 cranes

img ASUS Transformer Prime
7 years ago by Kuroi

For a long time, I had wanted to get an android device. After about a year solid of saving my spare change, I actually managed to get the original ASUS Transformer. However, due to some issues, I had to pawn it away and I couldn't pay to get it back. So n...

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Recently Supported Wishes

img Naturia Barkion DT05-JP038
Added 5 years ago by k4kirin
14 cranes
img Bulbasaur Plush
Added 5 years ago by Chikage
147 cranes
img Because we all could be like this!
Added 5 years ago by Chikage
198 cranes
img Kaioshin fusion potara earrings
Added 6 years ago by thekinetic
2416 cranes
img Visiting my Friend
Added 5 years ago by Dorumon
1104 cranes
img Elgato HD 60FPS Capture Card
Added 3 years ago by MasterOfFlame
1229 cranes