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Have you ever wished you could go sky diving? How about travel to space? We are a site that is dedicated to getting wishes you make turned into reality. From things you wish you could get or do for yourself, or wishes that are selfless and devoted to someone else. We want to help get the word out! But the first step to getting your wish to become reality would be to let us know.

Once you create an account you will be able to make a wish. All you need to do is write a short story about your wish, wait for your wish to be approved, and then share your wish link with friends and family to have them fold a crane. Each crane you get will get you that much closer to us granting your wish!

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XwhatsherfaceX's Wishlist
A list of all the wishes that XwhatsherfaceX has made during the lifetime of their account. This section of the site will help you find a user and fold a crane for their wish a lot quicker than manually entering their wish url.

img Eevee Pokemon Card
3 years ago by XwhatsherfaceX

I want to have faith that this website works. Please help me find proof.

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72 cranes

img Asst Buttons 16oz Bucket
6 years ago by XwhatsherfaceX

Buttons are cute, and I have a fixation for cute things. Buttons, Buttons, Buttons. I wanted a smallish wish to test this out, to see if wishing crane actually works. The Item itself is $6.74 plus an estimated $7.99 shipping putting the total at $14....

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