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img I wish to visit London
5 years ago by nansa

For years I have been an Anglophile. I love the landscapes, the history and all there is to see and do. I even drink PG Tips and eat biscuits at home to feel like I'm getting some of the culture! I feel like it's my second home, even though I've never been there.

And that's the problem. I had to work full-time to put myself through college, and still wound up with debts. I graduated during a recession and couldn't find a steady job for years. I've been mostly taking care of family members, and depending on them for a place to live. The dream of travelling to London feels like it is slipping further and further away.

I have my passport, and I could be ready to go anytime. I would fund the hotels and my meals, if I could just get some help with the airfare. I would travel light, stay in hostels, and not eat too much. I would just be happy to be there seeing the sights!

Thank you for reading and supporting my wish!

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