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img Zophan Canisters
4 years ago by sevvveren

Hey, this is Rawr and Sev! We've decided to use this to try and get us some more ZC for hypermodes, since we can't usually buy it for ourselves as often as we'd like. Most of you are already on PFQ and know what ZC and hypermode do for our hunts, but for those of you just stumbling across this, we'll explain a little. ZC, or Zophan Canisters, is Pokefarm Q's premium currency; the only way to obtain it is to use actual money and buy through PayPal --or for some other generous soul to buy it for you. One of the best things ZC can buy is Hypermode, PFQ's premium membership. Not only does Hypermode do things like get you discounts on certain in-game objects and help your eggs hatch faster (PFQ is all about hatching/breeding pokemon eggs, by the way), it also lets you chain egg hatches of the same pokemon to boost your chances of finding a shiny pokemon. Shiny pokemon are extremely rare, and are often 'hunted' in large numbers to sell to others, which is what Rawr and Sev do. We have a large amount of hunts to still do, and an even larger amount planned to do. So we're asking you guys to help us out so we can get you all some beautiful shinies! We're only asking for 800 ZC right now, so we can buy one hypermode.

"But Rawr, but Sev," we hear you asking, "if there's only one link, how will you both get this?" Well, we share just about everything on this site, and so we've decided that although the ZC will be going to Sev, it will be used to buy a 28 day Hypermode voucher which will then be used on whoever needs it the most at the time: if Sev's got no Hypermode but Rawr does, Sev will keep it, but if Sev has it and Rawr doesn't, then Rawr will get it.

So help us out! We're only asking you to click that little button down there! Please and thank you! <3

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