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img My most precious wish.
4 years ago by articwolfgirl

When I was little I wanted to own reptiles however with my family being not keen on them it was always a hassle to own one, as a little girl I often carried around stuffed animal lizards and snakes. My favorite was always a solid white snake but back around 15 + years ago they didn't exactly have solid white pythons around.

Well I ended up finally owning a normal ball python when I was round 12 years old but sadly that was a bust as it was bought from a supplier who caught it in the wild. We ended up selling that snake to some one else, I ended up owning a bearded dragon (type of lizard) for awhile but he got territorial.

Still my search for my white snake continued until within the past few years the Blue Eye Leucistic Ball pythons became introduced, I was amazed by them at first sigh however they were so gosh darn expensive. For the first few years you could not even find one under a grand which saddened me greatly, so here I am now a few years later trying once more to get one however they are still pretty high up there and between keeping bills set along with standard living I just don't have to cash to get my most precious pet. Now at 24yrs of age I am determined to get my wish baby as it will be a 15+ year commitment, I will be 39 when this beautiful snake is getting 'old aged'. I have always wanted a pretty male white snake to snuggle and have to admire, they are so weird as well as interesting.

Most of you must think I am pretty weird for wanting a snake this badly but to me its a lot more than a snake, its part of an old folk tale from the Chinese lore story's of the 'great white snake'.

I can afford the setup and food just fine, its the snake that's most expensive! Always funny how that works, everything for a snake is under 200$ however the snake itself is just so bloody expensive.

If my wish is granted this little beauty will have its 15+ years of cherishment as my love for my animals is unending, I have always gone out of my way to put my animals first. Thankyou all who help my dream come true, Bless you all.

The product link is one of a few well known breeders who breed these beautiful snakes.

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